Take an inhale…and exhale; repeat again.

I’m Jill, owner of Breathing Space and I’m here to help calm your chaos.

  • If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety or insomnia, you are welcome here.
  • If you want more calm, focus and creativity, you are welcome here.
  • If you want to reconnect to your heart’s desire, you are welcome here.

A life FULL of To Do lists, “shoulds”, “musts” and physical discomfort is chaotic and can overwhelm the nervous system; it’s a natural protection mechanism. In our busyness, we don’t always shift back to balance.

We forget to be still. To breathe.

To notice.

Often referred to as a “stress whisperer”, I provide down to earth, affordable sessions for everyday people. The majority of my offerings require little or no physical effort. No experienced needed. I especially enjoy introducing Yoga Nidra and mindfulness to those who are curious. There's no need for special equipment or special clothing. For most sessions, just grab a pillow and blankets.

Yoga Nidra



Recorded Meditations

At Breathing Space offerings are designed to help you:

  • Navigate pain, stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  • Move from indecision to action.
  • Experience smoother life transitions.
  • Remember your heart's desire; your potential.

If calming your chaos sounds good, sign up now for a Yoga Nidra or guided meditation session. I offer LIVE online public and private sessions as well as recorded sessions (coming soon).

Your body, mind, heart and spirit are waiting

for your full attention.

You deserve this.

January Check In: Just like you, I'm pivoting and adjusting...again...and again. I'm updating the website, classes, registration and more. Thanks for your patience. Check back weekly for updates!

Inhale...and Exhale...

P.O. Box 2511

Elk Grove, CA 95759