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Breathing Space is a wellness collaborative offering innovative services to inspire our community to live healthy, empowered and vibrant lives. Clients are provided affordable practices and space to peel off layers of stress, pain, fear, doubt so they can step into their best lives.

The Breathing Space building is an inviting urban sanctuary offsetting real life demands. The space was thoughtfully designed to give the mind and body a break. The minimalist design, absence of distractions and soothing colors invites calmness vs. stimulation. Breathing Space is the first of its kind in the South Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt and Lodi area.

Jill Weston Elk Grove Sacramento
Jill Weston, Owner

Breathing Space was born out of a life-long guiding principle: Be of service. I knew early on I was hard wired to help others and did so in diverse situations; therapeutic horseback riding program, horse trainer, youth corrections student intern, hospice care, correctional staff, trained hostage negotiator, crime victim advocate, veteran and senior citizen advocate, yoga student, national consultant and family caregiver.

In these diverse and often emotionally charged settings people looked to me for calmness and objectivity. I have been called a mediator, harmonizer and the "voice of reason"; being my best self by helping others. As my State of California retirement date crept closer I questioned how I would continue be of service.

On what I thought was a whim I enrolled in a Yoga Nidra certification course with Dr. Marc Halpern having never experienced a Yoga Nidra session. Little did I know Yoga Nidra was my next step in being of service. During the certification course I experienced a new level of awareness and well-being that I felt compelled to share with others. I began offering private and group Yoga Nidra sessions gaining validation in my new direction. My clients reported feeling a connection to my presence and voice during sessions.

I have a heartfelt affinity for Yoga Nidra and I know you will too. Imagine safely noticing and releasing your limiting thoughts. Imagine living a healthy, empowered and vibrant life. Self-care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Please join me when YOU need Breathing Space to be your best self.

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Step Into Your Breathing Space

8841 Williamson Drive, Suite 20
Elk Grove, CA 95624

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