"Yoga Nidra is more peaceful than sleep."

"I plan my week more effectively." — Teacher

"It's like a one hour vacation without the cost and suitcases."

"I pass tests easier and my grades have improved." — High School Student

"After a rough meeting, I paused and accessed that calm Yoga Nidra state." — Supervisor

"I felt a sense of comfort which prepared me for surgery the next day."

"I found nothingness."

"I slept through the night and my Fitbit showed 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!"

"I was completely relaxed and moved to such a grateful state of mind."

"I have restless leg syndrome. Before I knew it the session was over and I had not moved. I didn't think about moving." — Nurse

"The affordable session doesn't take much time and is so relieving."

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