Yoga Nidra "creates space where you feel cluttered."

"I found the source of my anxiety."

"I felt safe closing my eyes and letting go."

Yoga Nidra "takes you to a place of full relaxation in your body and peace in your mind."

"By the end of the 15 minutes I felt completely in my body, and relaxed..... I need a 30 minute or longer session! Haha."

"Thank you for bringing my soul home ❤️"

"Jill's voice is hypnotic."

"Loved her gentle, soft voice and directions on breathing..."

"Thank you for teaching us how to calme (sic) down. I have clam (sic) down so much I don't even fight that much with my brother anymore."

"Thank you so much for teaching us how to channel our anger and to make decisions out of love and peace."

"I'm able to move in a space of patience, love and understanding."

Please email me your experiences. I value your testimonials.