Yoga Nidra is effortless, deeply satisfying self-care.

Practicing Yoga Nidra allows you to experience deep rest, mental clarity, creativity and personal insight...just by laying down and listening. During the 45-minute session, you are guided through a relaxing body scan and visualization, then you'll rest in a quiet, reflective state.

While extremely relaxing, Yoga Nidra is much more than relaxation. Your nervous system becomes less protective and shifts out of “fight or flight”. You might notice and let go of stressful thoughts, shift perceptions and address physical discomfort.

There is a unique peacefulness during Yoga Nidra-anxiety lessens, shoulders relax, frown lines dissolve and corners of mouths turn upward. As the session ends, there is a slow return from deep awareness, eyelids gently flicker open and the body rests in intentional peacefulness.

Many people say Yoga Nidra is “indescribable” and must be experienced.

After a session, there’s usually a lot of smiling and inner knowing; words aren’t needed.

Yoga Nidra is fairly easy to practice, it is not the physical practice of yoga. All that's needed is a quiet, comfortable place to lay down on your back.

Have a bolster or rolled blanket(s) under your knees, put a pillow under your head and cover up with a favorite blanket(s).

“In Yoga Nidra I feel super empty. I’m not hanging on to any anxiety. I found the source of my anxiety.”

Days after a session, clients describe sleeping better as well as navigating life with more ease, clarity and mindfulness.

Yoga Nidra is a language the mind and body understand.

Yoga Nidra is effortless, deeply satisfying self-care.

Yoga Nidra can be practiced almost anywhere!

Sessions are available in person, online and by phone.