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Yoga Nidra mindfulnessBreathing Space is a wellness collaborative; a place to restore the mind and body. Located in Elk Grove, CA we are here to help you return to a balanced state offering sessions including Yoga Nidra, mindfulness, breathing, meditation, restorative Yoga and sound healing.

Step into your breathing space and reconnect with your best self; your desired state of thinking and being. Bolster your response to pain, stress, anxiety and fatigue. Move from dreaming to taking action. Experience smoother life transitions.

Breathing Space offerings are designed for EVERYONE regardless of age, health condition or profession. Repeat clients include health care professionals, educators, athletes, parents, youth and public safety employees among others. We provide on-site, in-home, school and corporate sessions to the greater Sacramento community. We offer services for local and International retreats.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Breathing Space offers Classical Yoga Nidra sessions led by certified facilitators. Yoga Nidra is a gentle but profound meditative practice resulting in a deep state of rest and awareness; it is a language the mind and body understands. Yoga Nidra addresses the overactive mind and the body’s response to pain. The body is still, the mind is still and the nervous system re-balances.

During the mellow 45-minute session participants lay still, eyes closed while guided through a relaxing body scan and visualization. The stillness creates safe space to notice stressful thoughts and physical discomfort. During Yoga Nidra participants gain insight and safely discover and uncover stressors and lifestyle blockages.

Yoga Nidra mindfulness Sacramento

There is a unique peacefulness during Yoga Nidra sessions; shoulders relax, frown lines dissolve and corners of mouths turn upward. Clients report a transition to calm, a wave of self-awareness. As the session ends there is a slow return from deep awareness, eyelids gently flicker open and the body rests in intentional peacefulness.

After sessions participants describe moving through life with ease, clarity and mindfulness; many experience nourishing sleep patterns.

While extremely relaxing, Yoga Nidra is a state beyond relaxation.

  • Release limiting thoughts
  • Uncover creative abilities
  • Return to balance and well being

Experience Yoga Nidra

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